Operating system Apple iOS 11 is launched: Features

Together with the Mac OS High Sierra and Apple announced a new version of the mobile operating system Apple iOS 11. Along the way, Tim Kuk immodestly mention that 96% of users are satisfied with the mobile operating system from Apple, and 86% of users use the most current version of iOS 10 (as opposed to users excessively fragmented competing platforms).

Apple iOS 11

On iOS 11, Apple has introduced 10 new features and refined the basic technologies. Reported messages sync between devices with iOS and Mac OS. For example, if you delete a message on your phone, it automatically will be deleted from your computer.

The Apple Pay adds support payments between users. Together with the release of the new Apple iOS 11 will be introduced, Apple Pay Cash Card virtual card, where you will put the funds received from other persons. Then the money can be transferred to a personal bank account.

Apple iOS 11

Much attention has been given to improvements in the virtual assistant Siri. Improved voice model, allowing voice responses will be more natural. Additionally, Siri will be able to translate between several languages, including English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Thanks to the new intelligent functions of Siri will be able to make assumptions about what is interesting to the user, such as news topics. Assistant can also anticipate what the user wants to do in the future. Moreover, the assistant will be able to sync this data and knowledge among various user devices, but claimed a high level of privacy.

On Apple iOS 11, has been substantially rewritten “Control Center”, called swipe from the bottom edge of the screen. Here the user can gain access to your most frequently used settings or control music playback.

Apple iOS 11

The “map” appeared are detailed maps of the interior space for a variety of buildings, such as shopping malls or airports. But so far only for some cities. Also, an application can do useful tips while driving. The user will receive a notification about the proper lane and speed restrictions. A new feature Do Not Disturb While Driving will eliminate potential distractions when the user is driving.

In Apple iOS 11, new file formats will be introduced to store photos and videos. HEVC encoding allows you to use less space on the drive for video in 4K resolution, and JPEG image format will give way HEIF (High Efficiency Image Format). As Apple says that because of this will be possible to store more high-quality pictures at smaller volume occupied space on the drive. However, the improved camera app, and Memories feature will use machine learning technology for more precise recognition of events in the pictures.

Apple iOS 11 will support audio playback in different rooms on iPhone, iPad and third-party speakers. And Apple Music added social functions, so you can learn what friends are listening. If you prefer, you can lock the provision of information about the song you listened to.

Among other innovations mentioned, recording screen keyboard to enter the one hand, FaceTime Live Photos, AutoComplete passwords in applications. And thanks to the support ARKit developers will be able to implement augmented reality capabilities into their applications.

Apple iOS 11 is available now for developers, and the release of the final version to be held this fall.

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