Oppo R11: Review of Dual camera smartphone

Everybody noticed that the trend of the mobile market this year – a smartphone with dual camera. That is, if we have previously said that on the front of our camera on the back of the camera, too, it is now necessary to clarify that in the back of the system of two chambers. What it does, in fact? Yes, almost nothing – usually the second chamber is responsible for the color depth in the B & W mode, or viewing angle, but the quality of the photo or video has no effect.

Oppo R11

Oppo R11 is also present with two cameras at the back and it seemed perfectly looks, but the feeling that I pay money for a second camera, which I do not need at all, sad. Today, I decided to tell you about all the things that can make you happy in this product or disappoint, here is how it goes, and you then later for themselves will decide should the gadget is worth your money or need to look at something different.


At the heart of the mobile phone Oppo R11, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 660 is there, which refers to that of, an advanced middle class. That is, it is not a top processor, but very close to it. Model works on eight computing cores Kryo 260, divided into clusters of four cores.

Oppo R11

The maximum clock frequency is of 2.2 gigahertz, operating – 1.8 gigahertz. With graphics are all very good experience totally not necessary, and to maintain the performance of the processor volunteered RAM to 4GB. Yes and no games or applications, which could take so much RAM. Internal memory is 64 gigabytes is enough for all your daily tasks.


The design of the smartphone Oppo R11, I liked the plan, but this is a subjective opinion and what I like, cannot go to someone else. On the front we have a minimum of elements – display with a small box on the right and on the left, under the Home key display on the speaker and the camera display.

Oppo R11

On the back of the system of two chambers, the flash slightly to the right, quite eye-catching logo and small dividing strips cellular antenna. In general, all quite stylish, although you clearly notice the similarities with Apple’s flagship. The only question is whether it will disappoint you or rejoice.


The main feature of Oppo R11, of course, is considered a system of two chambers – one for 20 megapixels, and 16 megapixels second. Chamber is removed from the double optical zoom and it is responsible for processing information processor 160 Qualcomm Spectra ISP, there is a portrait mode for taking a blurred background. The front camera is 20 megapixels please just good shots. I also liked the display of 5.5 inches with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels, the matrix is ​​based on AMOLED technology with wide viewing angles and the most realistic color reproduction.


At the moment, the official cost of Oppo R11 is not known yet, but on the net there is a rumor that China’s product will sell for $ 485. This is a fairly good money and this amount is already possible to find fault. The first – the processor is not a top, do not say, 4 gigabytes of RAM, and that of counterparts have even 6, the display is standard, too, is nothing new in terms of design. Are you ready to give money for a good smartphone with dual camera on the back side? This view of each person, but as for me, too many competitors for the money with a wide range of chips.

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