Original case for Apple iPhone 8 lit up in the network

In the Chinese social network for the first time lit a cover for Apple iPhone 8 in the amount of five pieces with different colors.

Apple iPhone 8

Judging by the inscription “Designed by Apple in California, assembled in China”, this is an original accessory developed in Cupertino for the new flagship.

This case for iPhone 8 is a microfiber overlay. The hole in the upper right corner (if viewed from the angle, as in the upper picture) confirms the design of the double main camera. But the cutout for the “Power” button is so large that it can indicate that a fingerprint scanner will be built into it from now on.

Apple iPhone 8

In all likelihood, the Apple iPhone 8 itself will also be released in as many as five colors: black, white, pink (or golden pink), golden and blue. For comparison Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can receive eight different color solutions at once.

What overall conclusions can we draw by looking at this case for the new Apple iPhone 8?

  • Dual main camera with a vertical arrangement of lenses.
  • The fingerprint reader will not be built into the screen, but will most likely be combined with the power button.
  • At the bottom are powerful stereo speakers.
  • The 3.5 mm headphone jack and headset finally faded into oblivion and will not return. Apparently, this trend now applies not only to Apple, but also to other manufacturers.

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