Overview of Rapoo K2600 Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad

Each user that connects your PC to the TV, sooner or later confronted with the choice of peripheral control devices. The fact that the keyboard should be wireless, no one is beyond doubt, but the choice of mouse or touchpad – one more question. In such a situation will help the touchpad, and even better when it is combined with the keyboard. Although it is really good. Here, we are going to review Rapoo K2600 Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad.

Rapoo K2600 Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad


Rapoo K2600 Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad comes in a compact cardboard box. The package, in addition to the keyboard, includes a pair of AA batteries, the nano and documentation.


Design of the device Rapoo K2600 is simple enough, but this keyboard does not look worse. Metal minimalist inherent Rapoo other models, in this case was replaced frosted plastic. The keyboard is made in the color of “wet asphalt”, and the plastic does not collect fingerprints themselves.

Rapoo K2600 Keyboard is small enough by its dimensions, its length does not exceed that of a standard keyboard without the numeric keypad. The housing is made entirely of matte plastic, strong enough. By twisting the keypad does not emit squeaks, the overall stiffness of the structure is at a good level. This is important fact that the keyboard is unlikely to lie constantly in one place. Gadget Rapoo K2600 weighs 437 grams.

Ease of use

Structurally, the keyboard with touchpad is a wireless set, combined in a single housing. As already mentioned, the body is compact enough that it could not but affect the ergonomics of the keyboard, but first things first.

Let’s start with the distance between the keys, it is somewhat less than that of a standard keyboard. It should be borne in mind that it will take some time getting used to. Used scissor type keys. The key travel is average and very quiet.

Cursor control unit is not separated from the other keys, and a number of standard functions – Insert, Delete, Page Up, and Page Down – is accomplished by Fn modifier. However, this is not a significant disadvantage, since the Wireless keyboard is unlikely to be used for the active work with the text.

A number of F-keys are also assigned to the multimedia features. It is provided and a separate row of function keys for use with Windows 10. It is interesting that the manufacturer has provided a separate button, duplicate the left mouse button, which is useful, for example, Drag’n’Drop operations.

As for the touchpad, then also there are no complaints. The surface is large enough, Multi touch gestures are supported, including full support for gestures to Windows 10. The finger glides across the surface easily enough.

The paper

The connection works on the principle of Plug’n’Play, no additional software is required. Another interesting point – the battery to power the device is not connected in series, i.e. one battery is used for the keyboard, and the second – for the touchpad. According to the manufacturer, the battery life is up to 12 months.

PROS: appearance; nice touchpad; support gestures and extra keys; price

CONS: THE ergonomics of the Rapoo K2600 Wireless keyboard with touchpad is not suitable for typing large amounts of text

CONCLUSION: If you need a keyboard for a computer connected to a TV, the Rapoo K2600 wireless Keyboard with touchpad definitely deserves attention. It combines good build quality, the touchpad, which a pleasure to use, and additional functionality as the full support of Windows 10. In the gestures to the keyboard not to complain, but keep in mind that, given the characteristics of the layout, the device takes some time getting used to. Most importantly, it is now safe to answer the question: Which is better on the couch, a mouse or a touchpad? This touchpad is certainly better.

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