PlayStation 5: Release Date could be 2019

Exit PS4 Pro and the announcement of Xbox One X gaming changed the mentality of the community: once a firm and unequivocal concept of “console generation” began to blur. Platform Holders closely on improving current models of consoles, leading to market differentiation on ordinary consumers and bonuses. A sort of gamer segregation.

PlayStation 5

Microsoft with its challenging the PC monster Xbox One X and all goes to the rejection of the generations. Against this background, the promise of Sony in that whatever was to release PlayStation 5, many caused mistrust.

And it is true: taking into account the course taken by Sony and its chief rival console, the decision to release a new generation of set-top box looks at least strange. However, the well-known analyst and the main “Wang” game industry Micheal Pakter does not think so.

Pakter is sure that PlayStation 5 is required to go on sale. And it will happen no later than 2019. PS5 itself, despite its “license” status, there will be little different from the current “Proshka”.

The emphasis will be placed on new items 4K-gaming. In addition, Michael predicts that Sony will reconsider its policy with respect to backward compatibility with previous generations of consoles. That is, it is possible that the PlayStation 5 can run games for the PS4.

It is impossible not to remark: despite the prestigious status of the analyst, during the years of its work Pakter gained and notoriety. Not all his predictions come true. Sometimes he seemed to be banal takes the information “from the ceiling” or simply invents.

This, coupled with the irrepressible desire Pakter speak on any occasion, made him a kind of meme gaming industry. And so on faith is not recommended without regard to take the next game prediction psychic.

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