PlayStation 5: Rumors about Release Date

An interesting study by the Japanese confirms what already indicated previous rumors, and is that PlayStation 5 will not reach the market until 2020, a date that seems very reasonable.

PlayStation 5

We say this because as we know Sony has made a major bet with PS4 Pro, an intergenerational renewal that came last year and that significantly improves the specifications of PS4.

Said console has only been operating for a few months so the Japanese company has to ensure a minimum cycle in which it is maintained as top of range within its generation, otherwise it could piss and much to users.

On the other hand, we must also take into account that PlayStation 5 will not be an intergenerational renewal but a new generation, meaning that it will mark a total leap compared to the two consoles currently marketed by Sony.

This means that the Japanese company needs time to carry out the development of the architecture of the console. It is clear that the current base (CPU x86 and custom GPU with unified memory) will remain, something important as it will help reduce deadlines.

As we see it makes sense, and a lot, but it is also necessary to remember that PS4 arrived seven years after PS3, a cycle that would be repeated with PlayStation 5 if the console reaches the 2020 market.

At the level of specifications, there is still nothing clear. Some reports say the new Sony console will use a custom AMD Raven Ridge APU with an eight-core RYZEN CPU and a Radeon Vega GPU, while others suggest a jump to an independent CPU and GPU structure.

So, this was all about upcoming playstation, and soon we’ll have more to share. Stay tuned, and you may also be interested to read about how to use ps3 controller on pc.

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