Possible definitive design of the Apple iPhone 8: Specifications and price

Source gives us an interesting information in which we can see what would be the definitive design of the Apple iPhone 8, in addition to a compilation with the possible specifications and the sale price of the terminal.

Apple iPhone 8

As we can see in the set of rendered images of the Apple iPhone 8 that accompany said smartphone will be an all-screen terminal with reduced edges to its minimum expression, a very attractive finish that could end up turning it into an object of desire.

The images also point to Apple would have been able to integrate the fingerprint reader into the screen of the Apple iPhone 8. Given that they have had a few more months than Samsung to work on that subject is credible, but we must remember that there are still some voices that continue to ensure that it will be placed in the back.

The sensors and the front camera appear perfectly integrated with the screen in the upper zone, where also the basic indicators of signal and of battery, besides the clock.

As far as building materials are concerned, we can almost certainly assume that Apple will use metal and glass, a finish that will be unmarked from the traditional unibody metal casing the company has been using since the launch of the iPhone 5.

We finish with the complete specifications that we know so far and the possible sales price of the base model:

  • 8-inch OLED screen with resolution of 2,800 x 1,242 pixels.
  • SoC Apple A11 with quad-core CPU.
  • PowerVR 7XT series GPUs.
  • 3 GB of RAM.
  • Double rear camera of 12 MP, frontal of 7 MP.
  • 64GB / 128GB / 256GB of storage capacity.
  • Price: $ 1,100 the 64GB version.
  • Launch: between September and November of this year.

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