Possible Intel Core i3 8300: Quad-core and eight-core specifications

A leak leaves the most important specifications of the Intel Core i3 8300, a processor that will be based on the Coffee Lake architecture and in theory will have four physical cores and eight threads.

Intel Core i3 8300

If the information is confirmed we will be on a very important leap, since Intel has maintained the structure of two cores and four threads in the Core i3 for seven generations. In effect, this means that there have been no changes to this basic configuration since the year 2010.

Does it make sense to talk about Intel Core i3 8300 with four cores and eight threads?

The truth is that yes, and for two great reasons. The first is that with such a processor Intel could improve the competitiveness of its Core i3 processors compared to the RYZEN 3 and RYZEN 5 1400 and 1500X.

The second is that it would allow the Santa Clara perform a complete modification of the configuration of cores and threads of all its processors, including the Pentitum and Celeron.

We leave the complete catalog of processors Coffee Lake if Intel decides to make important changes:

  • Core i7: six cores and twelve threads.
  • Core i5: six cores and six threads.
  • Core i3: four cores and eight threads.
  • Pentium: four cores and four threads, or two cores and four threads.
  • Celeron: two cores and four threads, or two cores and two threads.

As we see Intel has enough room to maneuver to improve the value for money of its next processors. If the company follows the structure that we have exposed will have a very competitive catalog.

Keep in mind that at the moment we have no official information from Intel, so there is nothing secure.

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