Presented the world's first quantum computer on a single chip

Presented the world’s first quantum computer on a single chip

One of the most important problems of quantum computers is their compatibility with traditional digital computers. A new development can be exactly the solution that everyone has been waiting for so long.

Researchers from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) came up with a new architecture that uses standard semiconductors (as in conventional modern processors) to perform quantum computing. Thus, quantum computing can now be carried out using technologies on which desktop computers and smartphones operate.

Presented the world's first quantum computer on a single chip

Thanks to quantum computing, we are on the verge of another technological leap that can be as deep and transformative as the appearance of the first silicon chip.

The recently introduced technology is the first attempt to place on a single chip all the technologies necessary for the implementation of quantum computing, providing the ability to read and write millions of qubits. And the qubits are controlled using conventional transistors.

“Choosing electrodes over a qubit, we can control the rotation of a qubit that stores a quantum binary code of 0 or 1. And when choosing electrodes between qubits, we can perform two-qubit logical interactions or calculations,” the authors of the development said.

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