Preview of Samsung Galaxy On Max: Inexpensive and cool

Samsung has been producing smartphones for individual countries for long, in order to meet the needs of certain customers. For example, the smartphone Samsung Galaxy On Max can be called a budget flagship for low-income countries. It was presented in India and now it’s not a secret for anyone that all companies are actively working towards this very country where there are a lot of inhabitants and although the standard of living there is slightly less than America or Europe, but if you give the local residents a good gadget at an adequate cost, Then this will be a real success. And, Samsung Galaxy On Max is obviously doomed to such a success – the product looks stylish, the display is excellent, the performance is at a decent level, and the rest of the small details should also appeal to the fans of the brand.

Samsung Galaxy On Max


MobileTek’s Helio P20 processor is used as the basis of mobile phone’s performance, which is not for the first time used in inexpensive but very powerful solutions and this product will allow you to safely play the top-end game products, launch applications and other entertainment. Of course, the processor is still very far from the top solution, but with the support in the form of RAM of 4 gigabytes, you will not feel any problems with glitches, hangs or something like that.

Samsung Galaxy On Max

The built-in memory for storing personal content here is 32 gigabytes, this is enough for the first time, as it seems to me. Although, of course, in fact you will not be given 32 gigabytes, but a little less, since the operating system eats up some space. In general, the filling of the Samsung Galaxy On Max product completely suits me – we cannot demand more from the product of this level.

Body Design

The appearance of the Samsung Galaxy On Max can be called characteristic for the company – the manufacturer did not depart from its corporate identity. On the front panel display with minimal frames on the right and left, this is not surprising, under the display is the Home key hardware and two touch control keys. Above the display is the company logo, a camera with sensors and a speaker. On the back side we have a camera, slightly protrudes outside the frame, but it’s not scary, flash and another logo. There are several colors of the body, everyone can find something to their taste.

Samsung Galaxy On Max


We liked the display of the smartphone – its diagonal is 5.7 inches at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the matrix is ​​built using Super AMOLED technology and gives out just a chic picture. On such a display you can comfortably play games, read books, and enjoy watching TV shows or just flipping the Internet. The main camera with 13 megapixels shoots very well for its class, but it’s not worth expecting a level of flagships from it, it’s a solid mid-range camera. All this works on the Android 7.0 operating system, also a small but pleasant plus.

Samsung Galaxy On Max

The result

Let’s start with the main advantage of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy On Max – the cost is 260 dollars. This is a very attractive price tag for a smartphone with such a display, such filling and logo Samsung, but presented it only in India and so far it is not so easy to get it from there. And, while local residents enjoy the classroom at an affordable price, we can only rejoice at the fact that a company from Korea can produce high-quality and inexpensive smartphones.

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