Price of LG G7 will increase significantly compared to its predecessor

Judging by how events develop, the price of LG G7 promises to increase significantly compared to its not too flagship predecessor. First of all, this is due to the rather high cost of components for top-end smartphones.


If until 2017 for several years there was a tendency to a gradual decrease in the price of brand flagships to the considerable joy of buyers, now there is a reverse trend. And more expensive not only Samsung and Sony, but also Chinese vendors like OnePlus and Xiaomi.

And if the increased cost of the “eighth galaxy” can still be justified by innovative design, then in the case of OnePlus 5 and Xiaomi Mi 6, it is purely a question of the increased price for components. First of all it concerns the top mobile processors of the company Qualcomm.

As you know, LG G7 should just get a new Snapdragon 845 from the latter. Also in the novelty can appear a new large screen based on the matrix P-OLED, which also clearly does not contribute to the cheapening of the smartphone (to put it mildly), 6-8 GB of RAM and an improved dual main camera.

If you want to buy a future LG G7 in the countries that the manufacturer does not consider to be a priority, it should be borne in mind that LG can pawn some “insurance” in the cost of a smartphone in case the sales plan fails.

In general, in any case, it is worth waiting for the end of February next year, when a new Korean flagship should be announced during the international exhibition MWC-2018 in Barcelona.

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