Price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which can already be purchased

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is already on sale. Well, at least it is possible to buy the smartphone, although we will not receive it until September 14, which will be the day on which the mobile will become available. However, since today it is possible to reserve the smartphone, or buy it, because it will have to be paid, for a price of about 1,192 dollars. It is a recommended price, so it is possible that the price will be somewhat different depending on the store in which we buy it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Price of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Already before we had stated that different distributors had confirmed that the price of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would be about 1,192 dollars. And finally it has been so. Now that the final price has been confirmed, or rather, the recommended price, which is 1,120 dollars. The price could vary depending on the distributor who sells it, and possible offers.

Buy it today, get it on September 14

Buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is already possible, from today. It was stated that the mobile could already be reserved at the beginning of September. It was later said that even one day after the official presentation the mobile could be booked, on August 24. However, the truth is that it has been officially confirmed that the mobile can be booked from right now. Logically, it will depend on the stores activating the option to reserve the mobile, which will not be something immediate but will be something progressive throughout the day today.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The availability day of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be on September 14, so it will be then when everyone who has already bought the mobile will receive it in their homes.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in two colors

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can be booked in two colors. Precisely already said that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could be available in two colors, black and gold. And precisely these are the two versions in which the mobile will be available. At least for now. It is very likely that in the future the mobile phone will be available in more colors.

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