RED Hydrogen One: Specs, Release Date and Price

RED company specializing in the production of digital cameras, has announced the release of the original smartphone called Red Hydrogen One. A special feature of this device is the use of “Holographic Display”.

The company says that the used display diagonal of 5.7 inches due to the use of nanotechnology allows us to “smoothly switch between a conventional 2D-content, multi-zone holographic content, 3D-content, and interactive games.”

RED Hydrogen One

Founder of RED stated that “there is no way to describe it until you see for yourself.” He also added that “this is a display technology that you have not seen before.” The display is not lens-shaped, that is the technology of the lower rank. Previously, manufacturers have tried to create such a device, but they did not work for good reasons.

RED also states that the smartphone Red Hydrogen One uses an algorithm that converts stereo sound to multi-channel audio support, which provides the effect of immersion. In addition, the device supports connection of modules that extend its capabilities in the field of photography.

Red Hydrogen One will work with a wide range of digital cameras RED. From the technical characteristics mentioned only for the presence microSD card slot, a port USB Type-C and a 3.5 mm audio connector.

RED Hydrogen One smartphone will go on sale in early 2018. It is already available for pre-order at a price of $ 1195 for the base version in aluminum housing and for the version in titanium will have to pay $ 1595. Although, the company says that the design of the device may still change.

In addition, after the actual release of the company will not be able to fulfill all orders on time because of the limitations associated with the production of displays. Also, the prices mentioned are not guaranteed at the time of the presentation device. Finally, the modular components will not be ready at the beginning of smartphone sales.

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