Revealed the release date of LG V30

Representatives of the Korean company’s announced official release date of the LG V30. Presentation of the new flagship smartphone to be held on August 31, the so-called “zero” day of the international exhibition IFA 2017 in Berlin.

LG V30

In general, the last week has been very rich in details LG V30. So, the same representatives of LG announced that the smartphone will receive a large almost frameless screen with a diagonal of 6.2 inches and the AMOLED matrix. This will make it a real competitor Samsung Galaxy S8 + and even Note 5.

In contrast to the frankly “compromise» LG G6 (the company wanted to meet as planned last year and chose Qualcomm Snapdragon 821), LG V30 will be a real flagship smartphone and get a modern Snapdragon 835 and probably 6 GB of RAM.

Even the international version of LG V30 attributed to the presence of wireless charging. In fact, it already has in the G6, but take advantage of it, you can only with the purchase of the American version. Even in South Korea, this version is not sold.

According to reports of leaks, LG V30 will outwardly resemble LG G6, but the frame around the screen to become thinner. There is a version that the novelty will not be the main line of chips V – the sub-screen. In principle, it has never been very popular, and you can give it up without any problems.

As for the cost of the future flagship, it is not yet known. As no data regarding the battery capacity, and the main parameters of the front camera, the availability of modern biometric chips (facial recognition and iris scanning), and the presence / absence of the 3.5 mm connector for a headphone and a headset.

Date of entry for the LG V30 is also not advertised, known only to the terms of the smartphone presentation.

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