Review of Meizu A5: Budget friendly smartphone

Mobile phone Meizu A5 company created specifically to meet the needs of users with a low level of income, or simply those who do not want to give a lot of money for a smartphone. Here, for example, you need the usual “dialer” with Internet access, the presence of the camera and some very simple applications, but buying an unknown “Chinese” do not want to. Here you are offered a Meizu A5, which costs only $ 100, and you use it quietly, enjoying the beautiful purchase.

Meizu A5

Next, I’ll talk about the hardware and other characteristics of the smartphone, it is necessary to keep in mind the cost of $ 100 and realize that for the money you cannot receive a gaming smartphone or camera quality, it is simply impossible. So let’s be realistic and assess the smartphone will be based on how much it costs, and to whom it was designed. So, take a look the same under the hood.


For a basis of mobile phone performance is based on processor MediaTek MT6737, which you have accurately seen in entry-level smartphones. The processor is built on four processing cores clocked at 1.3 GHz and it is enough for all the necessary applications, even in the casual games you can play with these problems do not arise. Support the performance of the smartphone will RAM to 2 GB, it will be enough to head to the daily tasks.

Meizu A5

Even more if you do not run all sorts of games and send them to the new regime, there are no problems with the lack of memory, you will not. Built-in memory for the storage of personal content is only 16 GB, in fact, you give an order of about 12 gigabytes, if this space is not enough, then you may put here a minimum volume of the memory card.


The manufacturer decided to completely move away from its corporate identity. Let’s start with the fact that on the front panel, we display a minimum framework, itself a black frame with a glossy finish. There is only one key Home, camera and speaker on the screen, nothing unusual. The back side of the side faces are one, the materials are not premium, but still pleasant sensations. There is nothing superfluous – at least logos, inscriptions minimum, allowing the gadget looks uncluttered and modern, and this is really fun, especially in the budget segment.

Meizu A5


Meizu A5 comes with a display diagonal of 5 inches, it can be called a compact, and resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels. This is not entirely surprising, in the budget smartphone absolutely always put the HD display and hope for Full HD is totally not worth it. Encouraged by the presence of two slots for SIM cards, it will use the gadget just for business and personal calls, there is a LTE module for high-speed connections to the network and it works on all Android operating system 7 for state with a value range of benefits simply enormous.


Already now there are talks about the fact that the smartphone Meizu A5 will be officially purchased from retailers for 100 dollars, which is very cheap for such a productive gadget. The smartphone is very interesting in terms of what is at this cost it gives you everything you need – phone calls, internet, applications, even games. The perfect gadget Meizu A5 work for those users who do not want to give 60 thousand for the iPhone.

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