Review of Microsoft Xbox One X: The most powerful console in the world

The announcement of the new console Microsoft Xbox One X did not become big news – many expected new product in the network have been many rumors and what the funny thing is, at the time of the announcement, we did not know the name of the product only.

That is, all the information about the characteristics, design and cost has been at the hands of the journalists a week before the announcement, as in a network of insider was just a sea. On the other hand, they were rumors, and this is the official information and the basis of it is already possible to decide how to apply to the device.

Microsoft Xbox One X

Producer laid here a lot of performance and capacity at the Microsoft Xbox One X with a supply for a couple of years for sure, and maybe more. But no strange features has not done so called console ideal choice for the moment we cannot. Today I will tell you about the characteristics of the new device, about the possibilities, as well as the advantages and disadvantages, and you’ll have to decide do you need such a console or not.


The basis of the system-on-chip architecture is AMD Jaguar, but not the original, but the so-called Custom. Here, the same eight cores, but the frequency is 2.3 GHz, 1.8 GHz and not, as in the previous versions. Performance over the One S has grown by 4.3 times, which speaks about the incredible power of this console. VRAM was more, now its 12 gigabytes and it is just a huge figure for the current generation of consoles, and the memory used by the newest GDDR5 SDRAM 384-bit bus.

Microsoft Xbox One X

Productivity increased significantly and if the One S was 1.4 teraflops of performance, then the new console Microsoft Xbox One X, the same setting is 6 teraflops. So that you understand how it is a huge step in the original console One was the power of 1.2 teraflops, then the novelty One S was raised to 1.4, and now 6. The index is really impressive and competitors clearly rest on the sidelines.

Design of Microsoft Xbox One X

The appearance of the console has not changed much and the main elements remained – housing is assembled as two halves, with the upper layer and the width of a bit in favor of the lower. The housing is now completely black, with matte finish, looks very cool, expensive, and practical.

Microsoft Xbox One X

On the front line remained logo, button, switch, USB port and the drive. The back side has remained virtually untouched, the same ports and location. Appearance console clearly become more attractive and the console itself has become thinner, more compact. This is important, especially if you are an esthete.


The main feature of the console was its performance and the manufacturer claims that the product is now can output 4K at 60 frames a second, so even with HDR 10. The picture quality in this case is simply incredible, even more competitors in the market cannot provide the same quality and frame rate. At the time of the release of the console there is a list of 35 games that are ready to give you the rest of the buns 4K, even though the presentation itself, some of the game is clearly shown to the 60 frames do not reach a fair and 4K was not given. All ports have remained in place, this problem is not observed.

Microsoft Xbox One X


The main issue was the cost of Microsoft Xbox One X, and it has grown to 499 dollars, let it be 500 for convenience. For comparison – the console PS 4 Pro sells for 100 dollars cheaper, right there and 4.2 teraflops of performance against 6 in Xbox One X. So the price is quite adequate and iron inside exactly worth the money. The question is only in games – not all developers can give a picture quality, and users have not got the 4K TVs, so the new console is not very and need. It remains to wait until the product is really necessary.

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