Review of Nikon D7500: a new generation of camera

It is said that in the camera market, they rare show something new. If smartphones are being literally updated every year, and even more often, then the camera refresh cycle is much larger, and we see new camera only once every two or three years. Actually, Nikon D7500 camera was created with an eye for professional photographers or those who are planning to do it, so here we have plenty of options, high-quality matrix, advanced connectivity system to all sorts of devices. Great product for a professional, but beginners this is too much, I would not recommend buying this product as my first SLR camera, because you just get stuck in the settings and will not be able to issue picture quality at the cost of what you have given for a new model.

Nikon D7500

Characteristics of Nikon D7500

The main camera is installed with a resolution of 20.9 megapixels and the size 23.5 x 15.7mm. Nothing improbable in it, it is quite usual for this segment of the sensor, it allows you to take pictures on the D500 camera level, according to a press release, which means the image quality is really attractive. For image processing, it meets fifth-generation EXPEED processor. This processor increases the speed of the camera, the interface is more responsive, and faster you shoot, especially if it’s a few shots in a row. Sensitivity from 100 to 51,200 ISO, which is also good, the shutter speed from 1/8000 to 30 seconds. For the professional, this unit will be a real discovery and a good tool for working with photos of the different plans. In addition, the manufacturer places great emphasis on affordable cost of the device, which is also very important.

Video Quality

At the moment, many people buy a camera for the purpose of video recording and the quality of this video is the cornerstone of product selection. The new video camera is recorded in 4K at 30 frames per second, it’s not very cool. The Full HD Nikon D7500 camera writes at 60 frames per second and it is better, but that’s 4K at 30 frames is not pleased, it is time to move to a smoother picture. Shooting video quality of Nikon D7500 is very good, of course, so that the product is suitable for shooting a subject, and for recording events and other content. But this is not the best video quality on the market.


This unit is compatible with AF NIKKOR lenses, type G, E and D, which will allow you to put here a relatively inexpensive and high-quality lens that is easy to find and order in the network, problems with it will not occur. You can connect Nikon D7500 via HDMI or USB, available wireless modules Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and SDXC card slot you can put a professional card and receive high speed recording. Product should also be praised for display on the rotating mechanism with 3.2-inch touch screen. A great thing for those who shoot without operator.

Nikon D7500


The cost of the camera, that is, the carcass is $ 1250. There are no options with KIT-lens, so buying a new product and not immediately buying the lens, if you do not have the right. The camera is quite interesting, inexpensive, in comparison with its competitors, it has a good quality video, a good photo shoot, a lot of options and excellent display. So if you’ve always wanted to imagine a high quality camera with a great range of features, then here is a chic option. It remains to wait in stores.

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