Review of the Lenovo Tab 4: It’s finally released

Tablet PC Lenovo Tab 4 has been presented at the exhibition MWC 2017, but then did not have all the characteristics and the value was not even the manufacturer, in fact, just showed the appearance of the tablet and said that it was a cool solution for different types of users.

Tablet, though called Lenovo Tab 4, but it has two versions – the youngest with an 8-inch display and older, with a 10.1 inch display. We decided to tell you about the characteristics of the product, since they already appeared on the network, to explain why the tablet is really interesting, and why it will buy users from around the world.

Lenovo Tab 4

Of course, the popularity of iPad novelty to be seen, but if you’ve always wanted to imagine quality and affordable tablet for work and play, this new product should please you. So let’s take a look “under the hood” of the device, and see how much confuse the designers were.


At the core of the tablet Lenovo Tab 4, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 425, which is not bad itself showed in the games and various benchmarks. That is, the processor operates on all four processing cores, clock speed is not very high, but the performance in its class with a margin enough – play casual games, use applications and other benefits of the Internet, you’ll have no problems.

Lenovo Tab 4

Processor performance is supported by 2 GB RAM. Again, this is not a top score and some budget smartphones from China 3-4 gigabytes receive, but to date, 2 gigabytes of RAM is enough for comfortable work. Yes, you will not have a dozen programs in the background hanging, but is it scary? Internal memory of 16 GB and there is already worth thinking – no extra memory you obviously do not have enough space for all the required content in the home.


Housing was very simple, as in the case of the 8-inch version, as well as in older models. On the front panel we display around the symmetrical frame black. No extra keys, a speaker on the side of the edge, so that in addition to the front of the web camera and nothing else is not. The back side pleases similar design strategy – camera, rough coating with an interesting pattern and all. To say that the housing surprised us – no, but it looks very serious, practical and modern and it has a lot to like.

Lenovo Tab 4


The developer decided to take itself head is not necessary with the resolution and both models of the tablet received a 1280 by 720 pixels. For version 8 inches of Lenovo Tab 4, is generally a good indicator, but the older model pixel density is not entirely pleased. At the entry-level battery at 4850 mAh, whereas the older only 7000 mAh – the difference in energy consumption visible and longer battery life at the 8-inch model will be higher. It works on all Android 7.1 Nougat operating system, which is installed in its original form, without unnecessary additions and launcher.

Lenovo Tab 4


Now the cost of Lenovo Tab 4 – a gadget with a diagonal of 8 inches are selling for $ 130 and is the ideal solution for most users. A convenient, compact, with a sufficiently high efficiency and high-quality display. The older model with a 10.1-inch display were pleased with the cost in the $ 180 – also a very affordable option. Of course, 130 dollars are more attractive, but there is a smaller diagonal. In any case, such costs and stuffing tablet accurately find a buyer.

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