Review of ZTE Small Fresh 5

Recently, developers of mobile phones even too plunged into trends. New ZTE Small Fresh 5 refers to the exclusively budgetary decision, but the manufacturer spent a lot of time and effort in order to add here a dual camera on the back panel. What does this give us? Nothing, in fact.

ZTE Small Fresh 5

In most cases, the second camera system is responsible for either a wide viewing angle, it is expensive cameras, either color depth in monochrome, i.e. in black and white when shooting. If you frequently shoot in BW, you can, and the camera may seem good, but for color photography or video recording the second chamber does not help at all, and in fact its value lies in the price tag of the smartphone. So yes, ZTE Small Fresh 5 novelty proved to be quite interesting in terms of design and development thrust to modern trends, but in fact the smartphone loses its bureau in the market. And the reasons for this is quite enough.


The basis for a performance to take the smartphone ZTE Small Fresh 5, is processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 425, which refers to the initial class processor and runs on four processing cores clocked at 1.4 GHz. This is enough to work with any casual games and applications, but it is hoped that the smartphone will be able to give more power is not necessary. Heavy games like racing or shooters are not subject to it, work with images or videos too fails, the processor cannot accommodate it.

ZTE Small Fresh 5

Next, ZTE Small Fresh 5 is available in two versions – 3 gigabytes of RAM and a 16 GB internal memory, as well as with four gigabytes of RAM and a 32 GB of storage. This is very good for filling the budget smartphone segment and I say even with the younger set. Yes, from the competition gadget is not gone, but also lose their power the smartphone will not be exact.


The gadget ZTE Small Fresh 5 is available in four color options – black, gold, blue and green. A variety of pleasant, but the green and blue would clearly not the most popular colors. On the front panel of the gadget is placed with a minimum display frame on the right and on the left, below the display are three touch-sensitive keys, and above it – the camera and speaker. The back side has pleased two cameras and flash, all this on a special platform located just below the fingerprint sensor and the company logo. On the side faces located sufficiently accurate control keys.

ZTE Small Fresh 5


To begin with, the display diagonal of 5 inches, at a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels. The picture quality on the highest level, you will not see the pixels, or something like that, because the HD display of 5 inches is a decent ppi density.

For the operating system Android 7.1.1 Nougat taken with proprietary shell MiFavor UI 4.2, it is quite a good flash, but the original android personally I like more. Main camera on the rear side is of 13 megapixels removes sufficient quality, the second chamber 2 megapixels charge depth.

ZTE Small Fresh 5


ZTE Small Fresh 5 smartphone price is $ 145 in the minimum configuration. We recently wrote about the smartphone from Chinese brands, which at a cost of 100-120 dollars give approximately the same power, the same design, but there is no dual camera and proprietary shell. Whether to give more money for something that you do not bring any benefit? The more so that the second chamber does not affect so much to the quality of the image that you have noticed it straight. It would be better if the gadget has been with the same camera, but costs would be cheaper and out of the original shell out.

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