Review of ZTE V870: Inexpensive and stylish

Most modern smartphones in the market are mid-level quite pleasing – are now either producer’s gadgets which are entry-level or flagship. The middle class is almost nothing decent and smart phone ZTE V870 has to rectify the situation – the product looks quite stylish, not bad in terms of performance and additional chips are present. Of course, no one says directly that the smartphone is the best in the market and that competition is not adequate, but in recent years is nothing better I have not personally seen.

ZTE V870

We add that the Chinese company is in the market for a long time and build quality, and filling capacity at a high level, which means you can safely buy a smartphone and do not worry about anything. The main stop believing the stereotypes that are worthy of purchase only smartphones from famous brands, and then you can safely go to the store. Today we talk about trends and describe the advantages and disadvantages of ZTE V870.


ZTE V870 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 which is trending processor now a days in the market. This mid-level processor with an eye to the high performance and low battery consumption, which is very useful for the active use of the product. Working model of the processor is eight ARM Cortex-A53 cores computer with a clock speed of 1.4 GHz, the power is enough.

ZTE V870

For the graphics controller will respond Adreno 505 and maintain the performance of all of the iron will RAM 4 gigabytes. Filling the smartphone is quite satisfied for me as a user with specific needs – to play casual games, customers use social networks and the Internet. In this regard, the product is very good, but there are also other aspects that interest us.


In terms of the appearance of the ZTE V870 is simply gorgeous – the designers have decided to move away from the “Chinese” design, and showed a very interesting solution. On the front panel we do not have anything extra – camera with a speaker, a display with a minimum frame around the display. No logo, nothing that would hurt the perception.

ZTE V870

On the back side we have the camera, sticking out of the body, a fingerprint sensor, a flash and a company logo. There are two more interesting panels at the top and bottom made in a lattice style, it also gives the product a special charm. Externally, the gadget is also pleased, designers can safely praise.


The display of ZTE V870 is 5.5 inches, it is the gold standard in today’s mobile market and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels provide you with high quality images. On the back of the camera is 16 megapixels will appreciate the quality of images and video, although it should be understood that a good camera for this segment is a rarity. Pleased to store 64 gigabytes – you will definitely be where to download movies, plus a memory card, you can bet up to 128 gigabytes.

ZTE V870


Smartphone ZTE V870 Cost is $ 400 and for the mid-range product is the very high price tag, I agree. Another 100 dollars and you can buy a flag of some sort. But the company still correctly positioning its product and it is a gadget for those who appreciate design, performance and value required chips, and not “show-off” and unnecessary features like dual camera. In this regard, the smartphone is really the best in the market and for lovers of the middle class the most optimal option. It remains only to wait for the gadget will sell in the official points of sale.

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