Rumor or Reality: Apple iPhone 8 will have metal frame and camera in vertical

In this news, we had occasion to see a filtered diagram of Apple iPhone 8 that was quite curious, as it showed us a somewhat strange design and in many ways away from the line Apple had followed, but now new information explains why that design adds a detail to the whole, a metal frame.

Apple iPhone 8

According to the well-known media, the iPhone 8 will rescue the design we saw on the iPhone 4 / 4S, ie the classic finish with metal frame and glass on the back. It is not the first time that a reputed source points to this type of design and the truth is that it makes sense, since it is one of the best designs that has introduced Apple throughout its history and also facilitate the introduction of the feature Wireless recharge.

And why would the cameras be upright? For the virtual reality. This same source indicates that when placing the cameras vertically they are horizontal when used in a virtual reality kit, so it would be more a matter of necessity than a whim on the part of Apple, at least in theory since as we know there is still nothing confirmed.

As for the characteristics of Apple iPhone 8 rumors were maintained, indicated that it would have an OLED screen but finished with 2.5D glass, i.e. no finishing Edge, but that yes, it would extend to cover almost the entire front of the device.

Otherwise, the information about an Apple A11 SoC with a 4-core CPU, 3 GB of RAM and 64 GB is kept as the minimum storage capacity in the base version of Apple iPhone 8.

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