Samsung and Qualcomm already working on the chips for the Galaxy S9 Snapdragon 845

The Galaxy S8 has just been released and we know that Samsung and Qualcomm are working on the chips they will use on the Galaxy S9 snapdragon 845, a smartphone that in theory should be officially announced in April next year.

Galaxy S9 snapdragon 845

The information comes from a serious source and makes sense, since as many of our readers will know the giants of smartphone sector normally live almost continuous development cycles, i.e. there are no breaks between the launch of one generation and the development of the next, Everything is chained to be able to meet the deadlines that each manufacturer has marked.

It is a direct consequence of the annual renewal strategy followed by both Samsung and Apple, to name the two best known and popular companies within the smartphone sector, although for the moment the details are rather brief.

It is said that the new chip to be used in the Galaxy S9 and also other top-of-the-range terminals with launch in 2018, will be called Galaxy S9 Snapdragon 845 and could be manufactured by Samsung and TSMC, but has not transcended anything else.

However, we can put this news in relation to this other, in which we talk about Samsung’s jump to the process of 10 nm second generation, which will be used by its next generation Exynos and probably also that Snapdragon 845.

If this is confirmed, at least we can expect a 10% improvement in performance or a reduction in consumption of 15%. Obviously these figures only derive from the improvement of the new process, and we should add that derive from the changes in architecture that introduce Qualcomm in the case Snapdragon 845.

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