Samsung CHG90 and CHG70 gaming QLED-monitors are rated DisplayHDR 600

Samsung CHG90 and CHG70 gaming QLED-monitors are rated DisplayHDR 600: Review

Last week, the industry standard Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) introduced the new DisplayHDR standard, which defines three levels of display quality with the High Dynamic Range (HDR). Previously, VESA promised that the first products that meet the DisplayHDR standards would debut at the CES, which will be held in Las Vegas from January 9 to 12. Meanwhile, the outstanding game QLED monitors Samsung CHG90 and CHG70 introduced in the summer received the first certificates DisplayHDR 600 on the market.

Samsung CHG90 and CHG70 gaming QLED-monitors are rated DisplayHDR 600

Recall, DisplayHDR 600, in addition to the “real” eight-bit colour representation, implies a maximum brightness of 600 cd / m², deep black colour, and coverage of 99% of the BT.709 colour space and 90% of the DCI-P3 space. By the way, Samsung CHG90 coverage of colour space DCI-P3 is even 95%.

Let’s remind, Samsung CHG90 is 49-inch model whereas the diagonal of screen CHG70 makes 32 inches.

Samsung C49HG90 PROS:

  • Huge diagonal
  • excellent image quality
  • 144 Hz
  • AMD FreeSync 2
  • HDR

Samsung C49HG90 CONS:

  • Relatively low resolution
  • price

CONCLUSION: Samsung C49HG90 – “ultimatum” gaming monitor with a huge diagonal, support for HDR and high refresh rate. Thanks to the VA-panel with backlighting based on quantum dots, it was possible to achieve excellent static contrast, deep black colour and high brightness required for the HDR mode, as well as a sufficiently wide colour coverage. The curved surface of the screen makes the image perception at the periphery more comfortable and is perceived uniquely better than a flat screen of such a diagonal and at such a distance. To find fault with this model is possible only to a relatively low resolution – the density of pixels here is the same as that of conventional Full HD monitors with a diagonal of 27 “.

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