Samsung Exynos 9610 and 7872: Leaked Specifications

Thanks to a leak, we were able to see the new Samsung Exynos 9610 and 7872 SoCs, two chips that fit as high-end and mid-range solutions respectively, and compete directly with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 660 and Snapdragon 650.

We started with the Samsung Exynos 9610, a solution that will be manufactured in the process of 14 nm LPP and will have an eight-core processor divided into two large blocks. The first will include four Cortex-A73 high-performance cores and the second four Cortex-A53 low-power cores.

Samsung Exynos 9610

It is important to keep in mind that they are generic ARM cores, which means that Samsung has not used the Mongoose architecture and that its performance should be slightly lower than those solutions based on that architecture.

Its GPU will be a powerful Mali-G72 with three graphics cores, an evolution of the Mali-G71 that is prepared to work in virtual reality environments and with advanced artificial intelligence systems. Its efficiency has improved by 25%.

Samsung Exynos 961 will also have a Cat. 13 LTE 4G modem, which translates to maximum speeds of 600 Mbps downstream and 150 Mbps upstream.

For its part, Samsung Exynos 7872 is a more discreet and less powerful solution, as it will use a six-core CPU divided into two cores Cortex-A72 and four cores Cortex-A53.

It will also be manufactured in a 14nm LPP process, will have a Mali-G71 GPU with a graphics core and a LTE 4G Cat.7 modem, with speeds of 300 Mbps in download and 100 Mbps in upload.

It has not yet been determined which terminals could use these new solutions, but as we anticipate are aimed at mid-range and high-end devices, respectively.

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