Samsung Galaxy A 2017 still do not receive Android N

For more than seven months, the Samsung Galaxy A 2017 have come to market, as we know they are known for offering a premium finish, specifications of the mid-range and high-end (according to version) and for enjoying a comparable upgrade cycle To the range Galaxy S.

Samsung Galaxy A 2017

All Samsung Galaxy A 2017 hit the market with Android M as an operating system, a version they keep as the latest available even though Android N has been almost a year on the market. The South Korean firm has not yet released a version of that new operating system for such terminals, and while it is possible that we will not see it until the end of the year.

We know better late than never, but this is a problem that is touching the absurd. By the time Android arrives at such terminals Google may already have released Android O, an operating system that will be available for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8, as well as for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note Fan Edition, but which might not reach Samsung Galaxy A 2017.

This only confirms the reality that is currently experienced in the Android ecosystem. Most manufacturers release late updates and in many cases are almost completely limited to cover their top of the range, leaving users of mid-range models and even high-end with an update in two years.

There is no doubt that this obsolescence programmed through the software does not do any good to users, who find themselves with a very powerful and perfectly functional terminal that exceeds the mid-range models that have hit the market two years later, But that nevertheless has a version of Android that is two or three years behind the current one.

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