Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 taking shape

When it comes to the phablet then only one name comes in the front i.e. Samsung. No doubt, Samsung is a king of phablet devices. To be specific, phablet are the intermediate sized gadgets between tablets and smartphones. And Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the best phablet in the market so far. However, Sony is the second in the race, which might overcome in this war.

On other hand, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rumors are taking the standards of phablet to the next level. Samsung is one of the brands, which has something for everyone. It has the biggest range of smart android devices. And if it is about phablet then also, it has mid-range phablet series Samsung Galaxy Grand and high-end series Galaxy Note. Galaxy Grand first appeared in 2013 and it carries mid-range hardware, accordingly it has a mid-range price.

The Evolution

Galaxy Grand 3

Presently, Samsung Galaxy Grand Series has three gadgets. Samsung Galaxy Grand, Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 and Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo. Neo is more affordable version of original Galaxy Grand 2013. And just three months ago, Samsung revealed Samsung Galaxy Grand 2. There is no information available for Galaxy Grand 2 Neo as the rumors already started for Galaxy Grand 2.

Galaxy Grand 3 Release Date

Samsung first revealed the Galaxy Grand in the month of 2012 Dec and first Galaxy Grand phablet appeared in the month of Jan 2013. Grand 2 was announced in November last year but it made its entry little late Jan 2014. But expected release date was in the month of Dec 2013 only. Also, most recently Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo appeared in Feb 2014. However, in terms of specs Galaxy Grand 2 is leading and similar is expected from next member of the series Samsung Galaxy Grand 3.

  • Galaxy Grand – released Jan 2013
  • Galaxy Grand 2 – released Jan 2014
  • Galaxy Grand Neo – released Feb 2014
  • Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 – releasing December 2014?

Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 has the maximum chances to appear in the month of 2014. As per the market trend, a device rarely survives for full year. Suppose is a device is making its entry in the market in Jan then till April another brand will launch similar device, which would be superior in the market and sometimes at lower price. So, the scope of a smartphone in mid-range remains for 6 months and no doubt market would be more interesting in upcoming months and this period would be reducing. But if we think a phone can’t be too old in just 6 months but technologically it could be. Possibly, Galaxy Grand 3 release date would be scheduled for December 2014.

Update: 4 / 11 / 2013 Galaxy Grand 3 Benchmark just revealed?

Galaxy Grand 3 According to this benchmark, there would not be full HD display. It seems like, Samsung don’t want to take Galaxy Grand 3 to full HD display range and keeping it to only 1280 x 720 pixels display. Let’s see, what Grand 3 will bring. Stay tuned for more updates.

Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 Specifications (Samsung SM-G7200) and Features:

  • 5.5 inches TFT HD 720p display
  • 2GB RAM
  • Qualcomm 410 Quad-core processor
  • 13 MP and 2 MP camera
  • 2700 mAh battery
  • Finger print scanner
  • microUSB and Wi-Fi dual-band
  • Waterproof and dustproof

The market is looking for something high-end at the affordable prices and that’s why every year new Google Nexus smartphone is sold like hot cakes. And every brand is trying to do something similar. If we talk about the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 which has 720p display, quad-core processor, 8MP primary sensor, and 2600 mAh battery. It is a pretty good device. And if we talk about the original Samsung Galaxy Grand which has no HD display, only dual-core processor and low-resolution TFT display, battery 2100 mAh and 8 MP camera then you can see, Grand 2 has emerged as good device. And similar expectations are marked for the next Samsung Galaxy Grand 3. However, there is not much information available on web.

If the above mentioned specification would be of course make the Galaxy Grand 3 a beast and if it would maintain the mid-range affordable price range then there would no competition for the gadget. As per the sales record, Galaxy Grand was initially sold like hot cakes and later its sales was reduced because of its display reviews and performance issues and no doubt Samsung has overcome it in the Grand 2 and similarly the standard would be followed by next Grand device.

As the trend suggests, full HD is not the most high-end specification anymore and it is now the need. On other hand, UHD displays are getting popular among the smartphone fans. If we would expect 2K-resolution display in the Grand 3 then of course it would be unfair to expect something from an affordable solution. Also, don’t expect Super AMOLED display, as it would be limited by TFT.

All over, Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 seems to be a good smartphone and it might give competition to the available or upcoming mid-range phablet device from the Sony and Samsung won’t let the crown go away.

Galaxy Grand 3 Price range:

Samsung Galaxy Grand series is known for its price. Galaxy Grand is available for $300, Galaxy Grand for $270 and Galaxy Grand 2 available for $330 around. The specifications and features match the price if we consider the Samsung as a brand. However there are few solutions available in the market with better specifications and at affordable price tags. But Samsung has authority and trust in the market. And it would of course made the Galaxy Grand 3 price range would be between $300 to $350 max.

The Competition:

It is not the exact time to talk more about the Galaxy Grand 3 but soon rumor round up would start for this device and it would take the exact shape. Also, presently there is no concept available and soon we would publish Galaxy Grand 3 concept images that would enlighten the shape and its expectations. Let’s wait for the real surprise from the Samsung, which would be revealed later this year and can appear in the October 2014 possibly. Don’t forget to like us on FB, plus on G+ and follow us on twitter to get the latest updates.


  1. I have higher secendory exam….. …. After my exam i am gonna buy it…………. When it will release??????? ??? I am very exited…….. Please be quick……….. And notify me………..

  2. Is it containing expandable memory upto 64 GB or more or 32 GB memory?
    When it will be available in Nepal? What will be it’s price?

  3. we are waiting for this mobile [ grand3 ] , please as early as possible release ———–

    Pares , Nandakumar Gym . Nandakumar , Purba Medinipur , West Bengal

  4. Hi all
    I’m Shubham Dubey and I am a user of samsung galaxy grand 2 its just superb and its battery life is the best it is the best smartphone than any other phones just waiting for the release of the Samsung galaxy grand 3 2 gb ram sounds better so just gonna wait for it and when it releases just gonna grab it as soon as possible

  5. I haver a Galaxy Grand Duos wich i bought three months ago, no i see that the new galaxy grand 2 is avaliable here (on Portugal) and um thinking if i should sell my galaxy grand to buy the new grand 2, but the question is: is it real worth the upgrade ? I am actually very satisfied with my Grand 1 till now…

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