Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 with a dual camera showed new photos

In early summer, Samsung introduced an updated smartphone Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 model of 2017. The device has already gone on sale in some markets, but recently there was information that the version for China will be radically different from the international one.

Samsung Galaxy J7 2017

Note that Samsung has previously released special versions of its smartphones for the Asian market, but all of them differed only in the increased amount of memory. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy J7 2017, the differences between the international and Chinese versions will be much more dramatic. For example, the latter will receive a double camera.

Samsung Galaxy J7 2017

And this is how the international version of Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 looks like without a dual camera:

Samsung Galaxy J7 2017

As you can see, in addition to the dual main camera, the Chinese version of the Galaxy J7 2017 also has a slightly different design. Plastic inserts for antennas on the back cover have a completely different shape, and there is no company logo in front of the display.

Whether Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 for China will differ in its technical characteristics is still unknown. It is also not at all clear whether Samsung plans to sell this smartphone in other regions.

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