Samsung Galaxy Note 5 the unborn star: Started Roaring!

Just Samsung Galaxy Note 4 entered in the market and people started talking about its big brother Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Well, it’s too early to discuss something about Note 5, but recently Samsung presented few of the smartphone modules, which were expected to come up in the Note 4. And surprisingly, they didn’t appear in Galaxy Note 4, so the information points towards the next generation Galaxy device. Probably Samsung may power up the upcoming Galaxy S6 with its blazing fast processor chip and amazing features and later Note 5 would take the processing and interaction with a phone to next level. It may sound stupid if some source would confirm the specifications, features or even the release date for next Note phablet. But we have created a concept Galaxy Note 5 model and its specifications, design, processor and release date based on previous stats of Galaxy Note series, let’s more discover about it.

Galaxy Note 5 release date:

Galaxy Note 5

  • Galaxy Note 2 released September 2012
  • Galaxy Note 3 released September 2013
  • Galaxy Note 4 just released September 2014
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date – July 2015?

Samsung is number one when it comes to bigger smartphone called phablets because no one of manufacturer can win over Samsung in this range. Every year, Samsung proves that, it is only the manufacturer of this superior class device. But this year, Apple the leader of smart technology also entered in this field, no doubt Galaxy Note 4 is going to reduce the sales of iPhone 6 Plus. But if iPhone 6 Plus was not launched then Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was going to eat whole market share for such big device. Well, Note 4 is just released and it is selling like hot cakes because Samsung Galaxy Note series has created its own market. Moreover, Samsung Note 4 is the first Samsung smartphone that is amazingly powerful and smart. On other hand, Apple iPhone 6 Plus is also selling like hot cakes. But who knows, if Note 4 would overcome iPhone 6 Plus in just days. Well, for the next year Samsung will repeat the history with Galaxy Note 5 and now Samsung is aware that, if Samsung would not create next Note as per the expectations of people then Apple iPhone 7 Plus would be ready to eat the market share. As per the market experts, next Samsung Galaxy Note 5 may appear earlier in the market and possibly in the month of July 2015. Yes, you read it right, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date might be scheduled for July 2015 and reasons are simple “more profits and less competitions”.

On other hand, Samsung Galaxy S6 is going to make its entry in possibly in the first quarter of 2015 and it might delay the launch of Note 5 as every year happens. But things might be different for next year. And there is maximum possibility to see the Galaxy Note 5 in the second quarter of 2015. Let’s see what will happen.

Galaxy Note 5 Specifications and Features:

Galaxy Note 5 Concept

If you would ask a smartphone market expert that which is the most advanced smartphone in Android industry then first name would come up in favor of Samsung Galaxy Note 5. However it is not alone now. But still it is one of the best brand’s devices although it is powered with all latest hardware Qualcomm 805 Quad-Core 2.7 GHz processor, 3GB RAM, next level QHD display and amazing finger print scanner. No doubt these all features and specifications would appear in Note 5 but level would be amazing. Qualcomm already confirmed the Qualcomm 810 chip and Samsung would be using this chip in upcoming Galaxy S6 for sure, and if it won’t be used in S6 then the information definitely points towards the next generation Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung wants to keep its rule in the era of phablets or large display smartphone because Samsung discovered it and the founder should get the most. Definitely, there would be all-powerful hardware but our question is how fast, how smooth and what would be so special? Well, internal information confirms that Samsung is creating Exynos True 8-Core chip that might appear in the next Samsung Note 5. But waiting time is really high; you have to wait for months to experience this power in a phone. Your laptop might be slower to Note 5. But question rises, will there be this much advancement in technology or we would see only Quad-core 3 GHz processor supported by 4GB RAM, and amazing display.

According to present rumors, Note 5 would come up in two different variants. One would be powered with Samsung Exynos 8-Core chip and another one would be powered with Qualcomm 81X, 3.X GHz Quad-Core processor. Along with the amazingly fast processor, they would be 4GB RAM coupled which would definitely take the performance to next generation level. And this hardware configuration would definitely pressure a mind to think, how much a smartphone could be this smarter and faster. Well story is just started there is lots more to discover and research. Every smartphone geek is thinking to visit the Samsung smartphone technology mines where Note 5 experiments must be up.

These are the Galaxy Note 5 specifications and Features based on present rumours and possibilities:

  • Qualcomm 81X processor or Exynos True 8-Core
  • 4GB RAM
  • 4K resolution SUPER AMOLED display
  • Finger Print Advanced Sensor
  • New Metal frame design
  • Superfast Charging Capable Battery
  • 7MP ultra low light sensitivity primary camera sensor

Galaxy Note 5 Price:

Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note series is a premium series and premium things never comeup in cheap prices. No doubt, Samsung will set a premium tag for Galaxy Note 5 price. At present, in the market Galaxy Note 4 is available for $850. Yes, it’s a massive price tag for a smartphone. And similar history would be repeated by Note 5 price, Samsung wouldn’t be using any lower grade material to keep the price lowers. So, if you are interested in buying next Samsung Galaxy Note 2015 then start saving money from your pocket money (just kidding).

The completion:

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 would be a crazy device for all smartphone geeks but the bad thing is that; it is too far from now. But slowly days would pass and then months and every month we would hear something good about out our device, so stay tuned for more information. Don’t forget to subscribe, like, share and G+ us. We would reach directly to your mailbox to save your time.

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