Samsung Galaxy Note 6 The All new Buzz

Just after the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, there are already rumours regarding the Galaxy Note 5 and here comes the information regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 6. Yes, it is too early to discuss about this star smartphone of 2016. Maybe after an year and few months from now we would hear something official regarding the Samsung Note 6 but a leak is coming from Samsung headquarters that Samsung has developed a lot of new technology smartphone hardware that would be used in upcoming smartphones. Before going further it is worth to mention that what Samsung is going to bring Galaxy Note 5.

  • Exynos True Octa-core processor
  • 4GB of Ram
  • SUPER AMOLED 4K resolution display
  • Finger print security advances sensor
  • Metal frame design
  • Superfast charging
  • 27MP ultra low light sensitivity sensor

Well, these specifications are enough to define the beast of 2015 the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 but what you can expect from Galaxy Note 6 the 2016 star?

Galaxy Note 6

The story of Galaxy Note 5 specifications starts from a very unique display. Just couple of months ago, we have seen a new trend is going to come up as flexible display. Well, flexible display concepts are following since the 2012. But, in the market there exists not a single smartphone of such display, however in the coming months we would see launch of flexible display TV. Yes, there is maximum possibility that Samsung will bring something unique in Note 6 display but what would be and exactly how it would be define are still questions?

On other hand, as discussed Note 5 is going to have 4K resolution display and yes the resolution of Galaxy Note 6 display wouldn’t be lesser to Note 5. Also, there are chances Samsung may not bring this bigger resolution in Note 5 and next Galaxy Note 2015 will only follow the just trending 2K resolution display. But who knows if something bigger is going to come in the market. It’s really early to decide the facts.

Regarding the other specifications of Galaxy Note 6, we could witness the 16-core processor in the same BIG.little configuration of Exynos form, 4GB / 6GB of RAM, 128GB on-board fast memory and amazingly fast charging capacity. Scientists have already created such technology and in less then 5 minutes a battery could be fully charged. So, you can imagine how this could help whole smartphone generation suffering from battery problem. Just plug for 5 minutes and your smartphone would be charged. This feature is sounding like a fantasy in 2014 but in 2016, things would be different and it might sound normal.

In past two years, we have seen pretty good development in the smartphone camera sensor and no doubt this development will continue its progress in coming years too. And yes, you can expect a smartphone camera sensor that would compete with DSLR camera quality. This would be true in coming years.

Every year, we have lots of rumors regarding the upcoming device from the brand but what comes on the announcement day is the practical solution, which is not liked by thousands of fans, which were expecting out of the box. But who knows, we would not have to wait for Galaxy Note 6 and Samsung will make Galaxy Note 5 as something out of box.

So, let’s wait and watch and follow all the rumors and try to find that what exact shape our flagship 2015 Note 5 and flagship 2016 Galaxy Note 6 will get. It’s too early to discuss about the Galaxy Note 6 release date but don’t expect early then mid-2016. Stay-tuned, soon we would have a good concept Galaxy Note 6 explaining all the related possibilities.

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