Samsung Galaxy Note 8 256 GB received model number SM-N950N

Insider Roland Kwandt confirmed the output of the “maximum” version of Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which has as many as 256 Gb of built-in flash memory (the usual will have only 64 Gb). According to him, it should get the model number SM-N950N or SM-N950NK.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

There is evidence that this version will be called the Emperor Edition. The amount of RAM such Galaxy Note 8 while still unknown, it is assumed that either 6 or all 8 GB of RAM is supposed. It is expected that the SM-N950N will be sold at least for the first time only in South Korea.

As for the possibility of delivering Samsung Galaxy Note 8 256 GB, there is still no clarity. Very often, “pumped” versions of gadgets of the Korean giant do not leave the limits of East Asia and are sold except for their own “homeland” except in the Middle Kingdom.

In principle, everything is clear with China: there is a sharp competition from local vendors, which, due to cheapness and availability of components, put at least 8 GB of RAM, although 128-256 GB Flash is not even on top-end smartphones.

However, Samsung could attract a lot of new fans in other countries. Here, too, there are enough wealthy buyers who are ready to buy the “maximum” Samsung Galaxy Note 8 256 GB. Or in general, you can take the bar in 512 GB next year and abandon the microSD slot.

We remind you that the announcement of Samsung’s new flagship will be held on August 23 this year. So if you still have questions, we recommend waiting a bit: at the presentation, in any case, all the points over the “i” will be placed.

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