Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Booking Date

Well, we already know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be officially launched on August 23. It is stated that the mobile will definitely hit store shelves on September 15. But it is also true that it can be booked before that date. Specifically, on September 1, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can now be reserved.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be officially launched on August 23. It will be in two weeks when the new smartphone will be officially presented, and it would be September 15 when the new smartphone would be on sale, as well as the date when users who have booked it will receive it at home. However, when can the new smartphone be reserved?

There was talk that it could be booked about two weeks before the smartphone was officially available in stores. Taking into account that it would be on September 15 when the mobile phone would reach the stores, it would be at the beginning of the month when the new mobile could already be booked.

Now there is a certain date for the availability to reserve the new mobile. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can be booked on September 1.

Gift for users who reserve the smartphone?

There is likely to be a gift for users who reserve their smartphone. And in fact, if you want to buy the new smartphone, it is one of the best options to book it, because the gift is usually some high-end Samsung accessory. For example, it could be a Samsung Gear VR virtual reality glasses. It could also be a new Samsung Gear smart bracelet. Or perhaps a wireless headset with Bixby.

In any case, it will be on August 23 when the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will officially be presented and when the date will be confirmed in which the new smartphone can be reserved.

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