Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Emperor Edition: Specs

According to the source, the Korean giant is preparing a special “pumped” version of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Emperor Edition, which will receive 6 GB of RAM and a built-in storage capacity of as much as 256 GB.Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Emperor Edition

The cost of modification of the Emperor Edition can reach 1200 US dollars and become the most expensive smartphone in the history of Samsung. True, it will not be sold in the USA, only at home in South Korea and in China (including Hong Kong and Macau).

In the US market, another modification will be sold, slightly more modest than the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Emperor Edition: only 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of Flash. This applies to both carrier-based options and those not tied to any networks (the last time Koreans stand in the US for their own independent sales market).

Apparently, the Korean giant wants to minimize the cost of its products, therefore, unlike Chinese vendors like OnePlus and ZTE, it saves on everything. Another couple gigabytes LPDDR4x or 64 GB UFS 2.1 – no, you will manage.

There is a feeling that Samsung in this case is “in captivity” of its own analysts. Those watching that in the same European market smart phones with 4 GB of RAM are sold almost as well as with 8 GB “RAM”. So we will not sell it to them.

Roughly speaking, this is reminiscent of the situation of generals who are preparing for the last war, and do not assess the possible advantages from the overwhelming superiority in technical terms over competitors. The Chinese think differently – and are actively winning the market.

In principle, nothing will prevent you from buying Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Emperor Edition without even going specifically to China or Hong Kong. For sure, the cunning Chinese will begin to offer a novelty on the trading platforms on the network, from eBay to its own AliExpress.

When you purchase such a smartphone, you lose, in fact, only a couple of moments: a guarantee and lack of the ability to activate contactless payments Samsung Pay.

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