Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on sale already on August 24?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be officially uncovered on August 23 in New York. When can I buy my smartphone? Earlier it had been claimed that it would arrive in other countries in October. Then there has been talk of September 15, and now we are talking about the same 24 August.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on sale on August 24?

There is a possibility that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is on sale on August 24. The smartphone will be presented on August 23, and that has been officially confirmed. However, until now we believed that the mobile could not be bought until September 15. And that would be September 1 when the smartphone could be booked. However, new data say that the mobile could be on sale on 24 August.

In any case, it seems that if so, it would only be in the United States. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be presented in New York, so it would be logical to be in the United States where it will be available to buy on August 24.

Whatever is possible and to buy it in August can be very relevant since the iPhone 8 would not appear until September. And is that users could buy the new mobile even before the iPhone 8 has been introduced.

Of course, if your smartphone is already available on August 24, you will not have to reserve it before it becomes available.

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