Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date Confirmed

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 already has a confirmed release date. After several possible dates, it seems to have already been confirmed when it will be launched, and it is that Samsung has announced an event, precisely for August 23, one of the likely dates for the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Although last year it was said that Samsung could not launch any more mobile Galaxy Note series, after having had to remove the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the truth is that later it was said that it would not be so, and that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would be released to the market in 2017.

As the mobile is going to launch this year 2017, and the launch date will be similar to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It will not launch in September. It is not even going to launch in the IFA 2017, as it would be the case of the LG V30. The smartphone will launch in August, and we already have an official date for the launch of the mobile. It will be presented on 23 August.

So far we had talked about a possible launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on August 23. It was even claimed that such a launch would be in New York City. Well, now we can confirm that it will be.

For sale in October?

However, the smartphone will be launched officially on August 23, does not mean that in August is possible to buy the mobile. In fact, so far it has also been discussed when the smartphone would hit the market. Logically, the mobile will not hit the market in the month of August.

It is believed that in September could be for sale, but only in a few markets. So, while it is true that the smartphone would be presented in August, it would not be until October when we could buy the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

By the time the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes on sale, more high-end phones have already been released. For example, it seems that they could have also launched the Apple iPhone 8, the LG V30, and even the new Google Pixel 2.

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