Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs OnePlus 5: First Look

Even if you just look at the prices of devices, it immediately becomes clear who is here from the business segment, and who is for ordinary people. Of course, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 belongs to the first class, and the smartphone OnePlus 5 – to the second. Let us see comparison: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs OnePlus 5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs OnePlus 5

Design and display

The appearance of smartphones is fundamentally different. Galaxy Note 8 is made of a metal frame, covered with glass on both sides. And OnePlus 5 has a plastic case. Purely externally and all the more tactile is the Korean in front. In addition, Note has protection from water and dust. But OnePlus is noticeably more compact and lighter, which certainly affects during everyday use.

Among the elements of the body stands out more convenient location of the fingerprint scanner in the Chinese smartphone. The Galaxy Note sensor is located behind – not the best location. Also, OnePlus has a silent mode switch, which is not available for its counterpart.


The Galaxy Note has a unique feature – Pen S Pen. With its help you can make various notes, write down screenshots, and perform many other actions. This tool is deprived of OnePlus 5. As for the software features, here Samsung is also ahead. In its file, there is an additional panel called by the right-hand side of the svayp. There are applications that can be quickly launched. Also Galaxy with the help of the docking station Dex can turn into a small PC.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs OnePlus 5

On the OnePlus 5, you can say one thing – there is nothing superfluous in it. The Chinese almost did not customize the “clean” Android and added just a navigation bar similar to iOS. It contains selected contacts, weather and other widgets. But now there are more and more people who like this approach to the organization of the system.


In terms of “iron” smartphones are almost identical. Both received powerful processors and 6 GB of RAM. This means that the devices will be able to withstand enormous loads, and will also be able to consume energy efficiently. By the way, both have a battery with a capacity of 3300 mAh with the ability to quickly charge.

The Korean also has the support of technology Quick Charge. Both gadgets are equipped with 64 GB of permanent storage, but Galaxy Note 8 has a slot for microSD cards. But OnePlus 5 allows you to insert a second SIM.


The camera is certainly better in Galaxy Note 8, although both smartphones have a dual sensor. The Korean flagship allows you to shoot photos with a double zoom (the competitor has only 1.6) and make the effect “bokeh”. Blur background in Galaxy is better, soft optimization is at a high level.

Also Note 8 has optical stabilization in two cameras, which is not in OnePlus. When shooting in low light conditions, the Samsung smartphone is also in the lead.

Prices and results

The official price of Galaxy Note 8 is 930 dollars. OnePlus 5 is sold for 682 dollars. The difference is colossal, which certainly tempts many to buy the Chinese flagship. But it’s worth to pay tribute to Samsung that the number of innovative and interesting features in its smartphone is simply amazing.

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