Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will integrate the fingerprint reader under the screen

Although the expected Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has not yet appeared in the market, which will undoubtedly be a very special launch for the South Koreans, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is already being set in time with an interesting feature: integration of Fingerprint reader under the screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Speaking of the future the presence of the footprint sensor under the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is welcome news, but you could say that the fingerprint sensor on a physical button on the front of the phone is already part of the past, and the engineers of the Big brands are working on the possibility of integrating it under the screen.

However, it is a technology that still does not work quite well, and that is why manufacturers are opting for alternatives such as bringing the sensor to the back or endowing some kind of facial recognition as presumably the iPhone 8.

Now from the technological analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it is gathered that neither the iPhone 8 nor the Samsung Galaxy S9 will include fingerprint reader integrated under the screen, and that the first phone to incorporate it will be the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that will leave in a year.

He says the South Koreans are no longer in a hurry to include it with the Galaxy S9 after seeing Apple’s decision not to release it on the iPhone 8, delaying functionality well awaited by the public.

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