Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition Release Date Confirmed

We have already advanced the information and we have a new confirmation thanks to LG Uplus, a South Korean operator who has published second image that we accompany where we can see the Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition and a release date, July 7, 2017.

Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition

This means that the Galaxy Note Fan Edition will hit the South Korean market next July 7, a date that marries the rumors that we had been seeing previously although it is already available for reservation, an option that will be maintained until July 6.

Yes, it is strange to give the option to reserve a terminal that is not new and that left the market by the back door after the fiasco with the explosive batteries, but we imagine that Samsung will have foreseen that Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition will have its audience and that by both will want to carry out a controlled distribution to avoid surprises.

In South Korea will distribute approximately 400,000 units of the Galaxy Note Fan Edition with a price at the exchange of about 600 dollars, a fairly high figure if we consider what we currently find in the market for that price.

Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition

We still do not know what other markets will reach the smartphone, although it is assumed that it will also reach other areas of Asia such as China and that should make the leap to several countries in the euro zone.

We remind you despite the name change Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition is no more than a restored edition of the Galaxy Note 7 and therefore maintains the design, specifications and features of that one, with the exception of the battery that happens to be of 3200 mAh and the update of the operating system to Android N.

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