Samsung Galaxy Note FE: Specs, Release Date and Price

We all know that Samsung is preparing the launch of a restored Galaxy Note 7, a terminal that will try to “scratch” some extra revenue taking advantage of the recovered units that are in good condition and according to a new rumor, it will be called Samsung Galaxy Note FE.

Samsung Galaxy Note FE

Okay, but what does Galaxy Note FE mean? According to the information available, the acronym FE refers to “Fan Edition”, which means that it will be a terminal aimed especially at the most staunch fans of the well-known phablet range of the South Korean giant.

Keep in mind that at the moment nothing is certain, neither with regard to the definitive name of the terminal nor with regard to the price, so we must take all this information with caution.

We can confirm that the Samsung Galaxy Note FE has already received the Bluetooth certification, as well as the certifications of the FCC and the WiFi Alliance, which means that its launch is very close.

The latest information ensures that Samsung has used a battery of 3,200 mAh instead of the original 3,500 mAh, an understandable move with which seek to minimize possible risks or problems in the battery and provide a completely secure configuration.

In this other news, we already saw that the organization is responsible for controlling the launch of new smartphones reaturados will not be easy to Samsung, as they plan to carry out a comprehensive control of these Galaxy Note FE.

Before ending, we remind you that although the sources do not agree on the possible price of the restored Galaxy Note 7 we have two great currents, one that indicates that could cost around 600 dollars and another that stands at about 440 dollars.

Samsung Galaxy Note FE debut could take place sometime next June.

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