Samsung Galaxy O or X?: The first flexible smartphone

Samsung Galaxy O or X?: The first flexible smartphone

Samsung’s first flexible smartphone will reach the market sometime next year, information that was officially given by the CEO of the South Korean giant’s mobile division, although we did not have a clear idea of what type of design the company was going to introduce. And, this is the best time, we connect and remember about the Samsung Galaxy X, the foldable/flexible phone which was in rumours.

Samsung Galaxy O or X?: The first flexible smartphone

And, now rumours are suggesting the new phone could be called as Galaxy O. However, you may not expect it to appear along with Galaxy S9 next year. But you may expect it near the launch of Galaxy Note 9.

During the last months, we have seen some leaks that indicated that Samsung’s first flexible smartphone would have a “similar” finish to Microsoft’s Surface Book. Its flexible screen would be accompanied by a kind of folding hinge that could be accommodated without problems to an open or closed position, the latter being similar to a portfolio. You may have a look at the design in the image, it is little complicated, but Samsung will make it easier for all of us. Talking about the worldwide launch at the moment will not be right, as Samsung could be doing a pilot launch may be just in Korea.

Samsung Galaxy O or X foldable smartphone

However, a new filtration poses something totally different. Effectively we see that the screen would be flexible, but it would be rolled up and cover part of the rear area of the terminal, causing that screen to occupy a good part of the front and almost half of the rear area.

In general terms, it is equivalent to extending the Edge format by one of the sides to create a secondary screen that could be used to perform certain tasks. It is not bad and has an attractive point, but I do not know to what extent it could be useful and comfortable to use.

Remember that we have no official confirmation of the design of this flexible smartphone from Samsung and that the attached images correspond to a patent attributed to the Korean giant in September, so right now there is no “closed door” or anything that is completely clear. Stay tuned for more information!

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