Samsung Galaxy S8 and display problems, would you still buy it?

Samsung recently released two of its flagship – Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 +, on 21st April 2017. The network began to actively spread the rumor that the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone have two big problems. The first Samsung Galaxy S8 problem is that a smartphone instead of white gives shades of red.

Samsung Galaxy S8 problem

This Samsung Galaxy S8 problem has already recognized by the producer and they said that the correct defect using the firmware that is to change the hardware does not need anything, and it is good. The second Samsung Galaxy S8 problem is a wireless charging – it is very slow charging smartphone and after charging it to the end, sometimes all charging is disabled.

Many say that the Samsung Company decided to play it safe and limited the speed of charging for smartphones are not heated above normal. It is an adequate solution – it is better for a long time to charge than to extinguish your phone. On the other hand, the cost of wireless charging is very large and it would be the quality for the money.

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