Samsung Galaxy S9 battery will have a capacity of 3500-4000 mAh

If you believe the latest rumors from South Korea, the battery Samsung Galaxy S9 will have a significantly greater capacity than its predecessors. However, we are talking about modifications based on our own single-chip Exynos system.

Samsung Galaxy S9

It’s no secret that low autonomy indicators are the main scourge of modern top flagships. Powerful hardware and modern technology chips leave not much space for the battery.

Do not forget that now in the fashion of thin smartphones, and the thinner – the better. So with an affordable location inside the narrow case of the device generally strained, and the Samsung Galaxy S9 is unlikely to be an exception to this rule.

There are three possible ways out of this situation:

  • The use of more advanced batteries, which at a similarly compact size have a large capacity.
  • Improved energy-saving technologies, which allow you to extend the operating time of your smartphone from one charge.
  • Increase the free space inside the enclosure by using printed circuit boards of increased density.

So, Samsung allegedly wants to go the last way. In principle, all the Koreans need for this: four out of ten suppliers of printed circuit boards for the company have sufficient experience and technical means to produce more dense solutions.

The only “No”: Qualcomm’s chips are not yet ready for use in the new technology. For this reason, all Samsung Galaxy S9 can receive in 2018 exclusively processors Exynos, as it was three years before in the case of the Galaxy S6.

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