Samsung Galaxy S9 can be just a slight improvement over S8

Samsung Galaxy S9 can be just a slight improvement over S8

The latest information and the renewal cycle that Samsung has maintained over the last few years point to the Galaxy S9 being a “minor improvement” based on the Galaxy S8.

This means that at the design level, the Galaxy S9 will be practically a carbon copy of the Galaxy S8, saving small details such as changing the position of the fingerprint reader. It was commented that said terminal was going to reduce the edges of the screen, but a recent rumour denied that information was indicating that it had not passed its prototype phase and that is why Samsung was going to bet on maintaining the format of the current model.

Samsung Galaxy S9 can be just a slight improvement over S8

Reducing the edges of the screen is a challenge because it involves changes internally and structurally, so even though nothing has been confirmed, this rumour makes a lot of sense.

The finish in metal and glass will also be maintained so that changes at the hardware level will be the only important novelty that will bring the Galaxy S8. In this sense, the use of a SoC Snapdragon 845-Exynos 9810, the increase in RAM to 6 GB and improvements in the cameras are discussed.

There is no doubt that they are not enough changes to motivate the user to update but deep down, I think it is a good trend, because with that cycle of design change every two years Samsung gives a break to users who can not or can not they want to “feel obligated” to change terminals every year.

The South Korean firm is not the only one that has opted for this strategy because as we know Apple has kept it on their iPhones almost since its inception. Do you think this is a good strategy or do you think that manufacturers should introduce new designs every year?


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