Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge: Will not be released in 2018

Today we are the first and last time we inform: such a smartphone as the Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge will not be released in 2018, instead of it the Koreans are going to release the Galaxy S9 Plus, since now all the flagships of the company will have a curved screen.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge

For reference: the very prefix Edge in the name of smartphones appeared in the fall of 2014 in order to differentiate from the main version of the conceptual modification of Galaxy Note 4, which had a curved screen on one side.

Next 2015, two smartphones came out, which already have two curved sides of the display – Galaxy S6 Edge and S6 Edge +. This approach to the name of models was applied in the case of Galaxy S7 Edge, which differed from the basic version by the presence of such an option.

However, already in the case of Note 7, Samsung refused the Edge, since the smartphone had a curved screen by default. The same can be said about the Galaxy S8 presented this spring, the larger version of which was already called Galaxy S8 +.

It is unlikely that the company will return to the release of flagship smartphones with a flat screen in the future, so that such a credible smartphone as Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge can be safely forgotten. Its place will be taken by Galaxy S9 + (Galaxy S9 Plus).

However, until now there are persistent comrades who continue to search the network for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge. The habit is much more static than the naming of modern smartphones.

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