Samsung Galaxy S9, LG G7 and other high-end Smartphones will support network at 1.2Gbps

Over the years, some of the innovations implemented by the catalog leaders of each of the makers of the mobile market have been fading. It may be that the feature that is less prominent at the moment is the processor, because, with few exceptions, all run to mount the same chip their launches of the first year.

Samsung Galaxy S9

With the exception of the Huawei, which are still using their Kirin processors, and Galaxy S variants of the Exynos processor, there are few high end-of-year ranges that do not choose the most powerful chip in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon family. For next year we expect the Snapdragon 845 and a leak tells us something that, logically, will have in common all those high ranges already mentioned.

Same processor, same speeds

Samsung Galaxy S9, of course, will feature an international version with the Snapdragon 845 on board. LG is expected to do the same with the LG G7 and that both Sony, with its future XZ 2 Premium, and HTC with the HTC U 12, follow the same path. Xiaomi with the Mi 7, OnePlus with the OnePlus 6, and a long etcetera of devices sharing a same processor. There are already many rumors in the market regarding Samsung Galaxy S9, LG G7 and other high end smartphones.

Now we know that the Snapdragon 845 will have something inside that has already been presented, the American modem X20 and that will allow, among other things, the terminals can download data at full speed, even more than the current X16 modem. The technical specifications of the X20 speak of LTE of category 16 and, therefore, of discharges and navigation to 1.2Gbps maximum. 20% more than the current one.

With these speeds we are already talking about overcoming the fiber optics we may have installed in our home, although the current X16 modem already does so in a remarkable way. In spite of everything, the most important thing in the download speed is the latency, and if we cannot ask those who play online.

How does the X20 achieve these speeds? Through a system known and widely used today, the carrier aggregation. The Qualcomm X20 modem is capable of adding up to five different bands in the same connection, obtaining a flow of 20MHz for each one. It is also capable of simultaneously using FDD and LTT in licensed and unlicensed bands.

Qualcomm already announced that it had sent samples of its X20 modem to the different manufacturers so that they could carry out tests, but now that we know that it will be integrated in the Snapdragon 845 there is little doubt of what the top download speed will be in the first half of the Next year 2018. All the high ranges like Samsung Galaxy S9, LG G7, and Sony XZ2 Premium will fly to 1.2Gbps. All you want, of course, and if your networks allow it.

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