Samsung Galaxy S9 will allow downloading movies in seconds

Samsung is ready to continue its good streak and gain more market share. So much so that in the last hours we have been surprised with the presentation of the new LTE modem from Samsung with which we can download HD movies in a few seconds. An ambitious project with which the Korean company seeks to expand business, with a focus on the components of mobile terminals.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung is unstoppable. It has just been crowned the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer reigning over 25 years Intel. Weeks earlier managed to outperform Apple as the largest mobile phone maker in the world, and is now ready to duel with Qualcomm and its X16 in the field of modems.

The South Korean company seeks to cover all the components included in a mobile phone. That’s why Samsung Electronics are working on the Gigabit LTE commercial network. This technology is the gateway to reach 5G networks and would include notable improvements in speed, better management of saturation and other advances unprecedented as the use of applications without the need to install them.

Hence, bet on this path. The highlight is that Samsung’s new LTE modem reaches 1.2 gigabits per second (Gpbs), a figure 20% higher than its predecessor, going from Cat. 16 (LTE 16) to Cat. 18 (Category 18). This increased download speed will allow you to download an entire movie in high definition in just 10 minutes. And not only that. With this new modem, both live video and video calls will see increased quality and, above all, its stability.

How is this possible? Through aggregation of bands (carrier aggregation, in English). This technology allows you to connect to several bands at once and take advantage of them all. The new Samsung modem includes 6 (6CA) carriers compared to the 5 with the Gigabit LTE, something that is happening for the first time in the industry.

Production of Samsung’s new LTE modem will begin in late 2017. It is expected to be integrated into the company’s flagship phones the following year, most likely christened the Samsung Galaxy S9. A move similar to the one the Korean company made last year when it debuted the LTE Cat. 16 modem with 1.0 gigabits of link speed and 5CA support on the Galaxy S8.

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