Samsung Gear Sport: The possible new sports watch

Samsung could launch a new smart watch in 2017: Samsung Gear Sport. So far it has already launched the Samsung Gear S, the Gear S2 and the Gear S3, and it must be said that are some of the best smart watches available. However, it could present in 2017 the new Samsung Gear Sport, a new smart sports watch.

Samsung Gear Sport

It has taken a few years to confirm that smart watches do not get the success we thought they could achieve. Not just real relays of smartphones, and therefore it seems complex that really many users can buy smart watches as if they were really useful.

However, sports watches have been more successful than the smart watches of Motorola, LG, Sony and company. Why? Well, because they are really useful. Usually, sports watches have GPS, and are useful for athletes. They are also more resistant, so they are a better buy for athletes than smart watches.

And perhaps that is why Samsung would not only launch a smart watch this 2017, but that watch would also be sporty.

Actually, the clock idea is simple. One must not forget that it is an elegant watch, because they will never be able to compete with the elegant watches of the market. It will simply be a sports watch, but smart. Usually sports watches feature sturdy designs, as they must be water resistant, even shock-absorbing, as well as include GPS. If the clock is compatible with Spotify and wireless headphones, as the Samsung Gear S3 seemed to have, and a battery with autonomy for many hours, it could be a really useful watch.

Maybe it would not be the best selling watch in the world, but at least they would make it a really useful smart watch.

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