Samsung Gear VR for $199: Release Date, Specifications, Features and Buy Online

Just couple months ago, Samsung started the sales of Galaxy Note 4 and now there is another surprise for Samsung Galaxy Note user the all-new Gear equipment called Samsung Gear VR.

Yes, the owners of the Galaxy Note will soon have a new gadget to add to phablet a draft development of virtual reality goggle, Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition, created in collaboration with Oculus.

As you know, virtual reality in consumer products is another sector and has a great future scope and now Samsung has joined the race. Hopefully this product will bring really good features as compare to present Virtual Reality Goggles.

 Samsung Gear VR

Oculus Rift is another same concept thing present in the market. The Samsung Gear VR are less cumbersome than the Oculus Rift but still have a sizable showing that the technology is in its infancy and that some generations for improvement is still needed. In fact, this version focuses as an experimentation model and development that would be based on feedback of users.

The Samsung Gear VR price is more expensive than Oculus as it will go on sale for $ 199 (249 dollars with Bluetooth gamepad). The problem is that this model would only work with Galaxy Note 4 (currently the only compatible terminal) so; if you want to enjoy this device you would need to buy Galaxy Note 4. No doubt, this Galaxy Gear VR could be the best accessory for Galaxy Note 4.

As it only works with Galaxy Note 4, otherwise, we can experiment with glasses that offer images with the feeling of viewing on a screen of 96 inches, in a visual field of 96 degrees and with a delay of only 20 milliseconds, key to what we see “seem” real.

Samsung also announced agreements with developers and content providers such as DreamWorks, Harmonix, Vevo and Temple Run, among others. A market segment is still in its infancy but great future in the years to hand the appeal of virtual reality. This was all about the upcoming Virtual Reality Gear from Samsung, stay tuned to know more about exact release date of Samsung Galaxy Gear VR and its price in your country.


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