Samsung Tizen 4.0 Operating System announced, target smartphones

Samsung has officially announced Samsung Tizen 4.0, a new set-up of an operating system that has become very popular in emerging markets as important as India.

Samsung Tizen 4.0

Samsung Tizen 4.0 is based on Linux and as many you know it is considered as the spiritual successor of MeeGo, an already disappeared platform that was born in its moment of the union of Maemo of Nokia and Moblin of Intel.

With this new set-up, Samsung has also looked at the Internet of Things, a sector that as we know is booming and has a clear potential as it brings together a large number of devices.

However, that potential also entails more complications stemming from the integration of Tizen 4.0 into a wider variety of devices, a matter that the South Korean firm hopes to solve easily with Tizen Real Time.

Thanks to Tizen Real Time, developers will be able to create applications for this operating system using programming languages ​​as popular as .NET and Xamarin. This has been possible thanks to an alliance with Microsoft.

The Korean company has also officially announced its new smartphone Samsung Z4 based on Tizen, a model that follows the usual trend started with previous products and is presented as a low end terminal.

The South Korean firm continues to play its cards calmly to further popularize Tizen gradually, a strategy that has so far been paying off in emerging markets as it has worked wonderfully.

At this point a fundamental question has to be asked: will Samsung Tizen 4.0 succeed in more developed markets? It’s complicated, but of course we cannot rule it out, so we’ll be watching to see how that platform evolves.

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