Samsung will launch the Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition outside Korea

Just a few days ago we were able to confirm that the Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition had been officially launched in South Korea, a country that we know is Samsung’s “home” and at the same time represents an important market that usually gives a good Host to almost all its products.

Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition

The Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition is a reissue of the Galaxy Note 7 that came to market last year and as we know does not include changes of interest, saving the reduction of the battery to 3.200 mAh and the update of the operating system to Android 7.1.1.

In South Korea there was a rather limited debut (400,000 units), a fact that has led some media to ensure that Samsung is rationing the distribution of the Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition in that country because it intends to launch internationally.

We have nothing clear that if the company will maintain the price (about 608 dollars to change), but several sources indicate that that international version will not use the SoC Exynos 8890 but a SoC Snapdragon 821.

The Snapdragon 821 is a small set up of the Snapdragon 820 that is limited to increase the working speeds, so it does not make a significant difference in front of that one.

However, when compared to the Exynos 8890 we realize that it is more powerful at the CPU level than the Qualcomm solution, as it has an eight-core processor against the four cores of the Snapdragon 821 that is capable of delivering a higher performance in both mononucleus and multicore.

Nevertheless the Snapdragon 821 gains in graphic performance thanks to the GPU Adreno 530 that integrates, a solution that surpasses without problems to the Mali T880MP12 of Exynos 8890.

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