Samsung Z4: Specs, Release Date and Price

The South Korean giant has introduced the new Samsung Z4 with Tizen 3.0, a highly anticipated terminal that had been subject to numerous leaks and finally we have been able to know in detail.

Samsung Z4

This is a new commitment on the part of Samsung in favor of Tizen as an alternative to Android in the smartphone sector, although the fact is that it is quite “humble” since at the level of specifications does not mark a really important breakthrough against the Samsung Z3.

In any case we must bear in mind that the Samsung Z4 with Tizen 3.0 is a terminal that is aimed especially at emerging markets, and therefore does not need to have specifications too powerful to meet and be attractive.

At the design level, we find a certain continuity compared to previous models, although we can see small changes that bring a differentiating nuance to the terminal.

In terms of hardware we find a low-end terminal, as it has:

  • Screen of 4.5 inches with resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.
  • Quad-core CPU at 1.5 GHz (Cortex A7 probably).
  • 1 GB of RAM.
  • 5 MP rear and front cameras, both with flash.
  • 8 GB expandable storage capacity.
  • Tizen 3.0 as an operating system.
  • 050 mAh battery.
  • WiFi N and 4G.

We do not have details about the price but it should be quite economical. Samsung Z4 launch will be produced first in India and later will be extended to other markets.

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